UQSHA was founded in Ecuador and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. We at UQSHA appreciate and want to keep the tradition of these legendary handwoven straw hats (paja toquilla) alive. By collaborating with local weaving communities, we are able to give back to the artisans while sharing their special craft with you.



The technique of hand weaving

UQSHA remains faithful to the tradition of hand weaving by using customary techniques known as the “brisa” and “llano”. Brisa refers to the technique of knitting using a single strand. Llano refers to a finer weave using two pieces of straw. This gives the hat its identity and captures the traditions and culture of ancestral hand weaving.


UQSHA hats are produced with the highest quality straw and are designed to include a special sweat proof band to prevent discoloration.


Each hat has a crafting process that lasts between 96 and 5,800 hours, as in the case of the legendary super fine hat. The Paja Toquilla Hat was declared by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage material of Ecuador.